Westminster Woods

Westminster Woods Photos are provided for your viewing pleasure. However, we take the privacy of each child seriously and must apply password protection to camps where children are photographed. These passwords are provided to campers' families only.

Also, the all camp group photo is available for download at no charge. To do this, navigate to the group photo that you like. Some have text added and some do not. A tab comes up allowing you to select the original size. Notice, this size will be very large and you will only see a small part of it in your screen. Right click on the photo and select "Save target as..." "Save image as.." or "Save link as..." You will see that there is no charge to download the original file so that you may print it or share it. We also set pricing for printing this photo through our vendor site at the lowest possible rate (at cost). You can do this buy adding the picture to your shopping cart and selecting the desired size.

Please call 707-874-2426 ext. 0 if you need help with the photos.

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